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In October 2010, the Fall of my 35th year, I convinced my closest friend to board a train with me and travel 2350-some-odd miles/53 hours across the country.  This same friend had been my co-pilot on a 5,000 mile round trip drive to Glacier National Park a few years before.  I think at this point we both prefer the drive. Having been to Rocky Mountain National Park and Glacier, I think we both had our expectations as to what lay ahead of us on the road to Yosemite.  Having placed Yosemite lower down the list year after year plugging in places that seemed far more exotic in my head I can’t say that I was expecting much from Yosemite.  Don’t get me wrong I expected majesty. I had seen that at Glacier.  I just wasn’t expecting anything I hadn’t seen before.  You’ve probably noticed that there is a video posted above.  Watch it.  You may have the same reaction as my friend and I, after a 53 hour train ride, a mad 4-hour dash down the interstate to beat the hostel office closing, a night’s sleep in bunk beds with a few strangers, and a 45-minute drive to get to the park gates, when we finally caught site of the valley floor through a clearing in the trees.  With El Capitan on our left and Bridal Veil Falls on our right, two grown men nearly caused a pile-up on the road and simultaneously ran over several people because we couldn’t get our jaws off of the floor.

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